Why D-Turbolader

Why purchasing our products if you already have suppliers?
  • If you order only from just one supplier you will become its captive customer and finally you may lose the control of your business.
  • If you do not make a tail of the references that you need, let´s work together on some of them. Learn how we work.
  • We are not the cheapest manufacturer. The cheapest product cannot be the best and you do not want to have problems by distributing products of bad or poor quality that will cause losses in your business by having to attend guaranties and disappointed customers.
  • Our price is competitive. We are in the market.
  • We are an European company. Investment and return of investment remain in Europe.
  • Our production runs are lower than other manufacturers to prevent production stress in the mold and to ensure the same quality from first to last production round. Manufacturing less cartridges per serial round allows us to devote more time to each individual cartridge to ensure its quality.
  • All our cartridges come balanced from factory.
  • Our products have been manufactured with the best raw materials and exceed the standards of quality of OEM cartridges.
  • we are an Europe based team with the same business time and culture which might make it easier to do business. We accept small orders. We offer deferred payments for regular customers as well as respect warranties. VAT is ruled out within the EU (Except within Germany).
  • Our team is in Europe to your company service, with the same business time and the same business culture. We can admit orders for a few units, to regular customers we can offer deferred payments, we can attend guarantees and there is no VAT within the EU (ex. Germany)
  • Working with DT will improve your business because:
    • You will achieve greater customer satisfaction = Your customers will wish to continue working with your company.
    • You will have fewer problems of quality than with other products = less waste of time and money to solve problems.
    • You will always have a good price from your supplier = More profit for your company.
    • You will get a better service from your supplier = Greater satisfaction.
  • Purchase our cartridges and we can offer you more products that you might need from our catalogue
  • At DT, we care of both our products and our customers. Enjoy our regular sales promotions. We ponesyour satisfaction is our goal.
  • Improve your business. Grow with us.

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