Turbo care & maintenance

Before starting to mount a turbo on the vehicle, a number of checkings are required to achieve that the operation of the turbo is optimal from the outset.

   - On the first place we must always ensure that the turbo has a good lubrication, especially the turbos with variable geometry. Whenever possible, it is recommended a light grease to ensure a good lubrication. This way we will avoid the seizing of the axis as it is an element that suffers very high run speeds.

   - Always check the conditions of the intake and the air filter. It is highly recommended to replace the air filter before installing a new turbo in the vehicle. An usual breakdown in the turbo is the damage on the compressor or the turbine wheel a cause of the inlet of particles entering through the suction conduit. This dirt that apparently does not affect the system may actually cause serious damage.

(Image taken from AVESA's promotional video using cartridges D-Turbolader in repairing a turbo)

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